Kenny Ginn Retires After 30 Years of Service

May 17, 2024

How about a round of applause for this guy; Kenny Ginn. On behalf of the Board and staff at Clatsop Care Center Health District and Aidan Health Services, we are so grateful for your 30 years of service to Clatsop Care Center. Your smile, conversations, and work keeping the building beautiful have helped create a wonderful place for all of the residents we care for, their families and guests, and our employees. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You will be missed and we wish you the best in your retirement! Sincerely, Mark Remley, CEO, Kendra Webb, Administrator Clatsop Care Center, Shane Watson, Building & Maintenance Director and the entire staff at Clatsop care Center Health District.
Kenny and his family were and are an integral part of Astoria. The family owned businesses, served in the Coast Guard, and were active in the community.